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About Dietch Concepts

A Home of Ideas

After writing three novels based on ordinary people’s life stories that aimed at conveying dialogue, tolerance, empathy and other similar values essential to the better living together. She saw how the world kept growing more and more violent, prejudiced and with all sorts of fights. Author J. MAIRY DIETCH’ asked herself what more could she do to serve the cause she wrote in favor of and one question haunted her mind: what world is it that adults of today intended to leave to their kids.

The most obvious answer that came to her was to put her skills and her personal experience into two basic areas of human life so as to reach the greatest number: where we live (our homes), and what we eat; two necessities we can hardly do without.

Therefore, armed with her natural ability in decoration reinforced by some classes taken in Paris in 2011, enriched with the many cultural influences she has gathered throughout her twenty-five years of traveling and living in numerous countries in the world, she designed her first collection of fine porcelain ware, made of five distinct designs, and then got them manufactured in Limoges, the French well renowned city in that industry.

She also came up with a line of home linens, with the main idea of mixing fabrics from different origins so as to create something unique. Home linens are handmade in Cameroon, France, the United States, Gabon, and Vietnam, to name the few.

Each item designed by J. MAIRY DIETCH’ is the reflection of this author’s state of mind as for building bridges between people. And definitely, one can hardly remain indifferent in front of the originality, elegance and beauty of her daring creations.
For instance, an African pattern-designed cotton sits next to the very French “Toile de jouy” on a duvet cover, and ... it works! And it’s beautiful! And it calls to questions:

“What is this kind of duvet cover?”, “Where do the fabrics come from?” “Who are the people who make them?”, etc.

So, we move from “What” to “Where”, and from “Where” to “WHO”, which means the people: the people we learn about, get to know, to respect, to love and to connect with through every day life items. As a consequence of this, getting a DIETCH’ item not only equals a purchase; this, more importantly, equals inviting one ore more cultures in our homes.

To make her concept even more meaningful, J. MAIRY DIETCH’ decided to Add products coming from various parts of the world to her self-designed items and gather them in the same space, in this case a store. However, not any product though: since she privileges human being, her preference goes to handmade production, made by dedicated craftsmen and women, whose souls can be perceived in items made by them. So are the lacquerware from Vietnam, glassware from Italy or England.

And talking about what we eat, Author J. MAIRY DIETCH’ published a cook and decoration book in 2016 that promotes “Universal Cuisine” by combining ingredients from various places and give birth to new dishes. It also revisited some African recipes and products so as to fit the taste of a greater number of people.
In 2017, that book, titled: MY CREATIONS: HOME AND KITCHEN CORNER made its way through the shortlist of an international cookbook contest, “THE GOURMAND AWARDS”.

Finally, J. MAIRY DIETCH’ promotes a new approach of decor by encouraging to introducing more colors in our homes, to leaving the usual dogmas regarding color matching, and to consider these homes as being almost the only places where we can give way to our fancy, most craziest dreams, and our own creativity as far as these make us happy.

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